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Simple Yet Delectable

Orange Zest Macaroon Photo: Bert VanGorder

Catherine’s Gourmet Macaroons are made fresh to order using the finest and freshest of ingredients.  Catherine’s bakes in small artisan style batches and uses all natural flavors to ensure the finest taste, quality and consistency. Each gourmet macaroon is then hand dipped in a special imported premium sublime dark chocolate.  Catherine’s Gourmet Macaroons are naturally gluten free (GF).

Catherine’s Gourmet Macaroons have been to Wimbledon Centre Court, The Pentagon, to Belgium and, shipped all across the United States.  Catherine’s Gourmet Macaroons may be purchased online here or at locations in Portland, OR and Honolulu, HI.  Catherine’s, Fine Gourmet Productions – Since 1992

Absolutely everything Catherine’s creates is made with a true passion for detail, flavorful quality and consistency. You can taste the “magic” in every bite.

Customers Confirm:
“Whatever you do, you do it well.”
“I don’t know what you do but, it’s Magic!”

“Catherine’s hard work and dedication to her products and their freshness has made her products a valuable part of our service deli’s success. She has a terrific work ethic and has always responded and accommodated any needs which we might have. We plan to continue to use and support Catherine’s products in our existing stores as well as our future stores for many years to come.” – Mike Zupan, Zupan’s Markets (April 13, 1995)

Catherine’s is grateful that Mike Zupan recognized Catherine’s commitment to the quality of her business and that Catherine’s fine gourmet products were a valuable part in Zupan’s deli success helping to create the success Zupan’s deli’s enjoyed. Catherine’s is grateful for the successful business with Zupan’s though no longer does business with Zupan’s due to differing business philosophies.


  1. Select gourmet macaroon flavor(s) and quantity from gourmet flavors listed below.
  2. Email Catherine’s your selection. Catherine’s will confirm your order and delivery destination.
    (Example: 3 dozen Gourmet Macaroons sent to home address)
  • Catherine’s will e-mail secure PayPal invoice for you to pay and “INDULGE NOW”
    • Catherine’s will email delivery confirm and USPS tracking number to you
      Note: View CONTACT link to buy macaroons from retail locations

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Gourmet Macaroons Photo: Bert VanGorder


Gourmet Macaroon

  • Original
  • Orange Zest
    Lemon Zest
  • Al Naturale’
    Chocolate Espresso
    Dark Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
    Peppermint (Seasonal)
  • Gourmet Assortment


$75 /Dz  - (Includes shipping, USA)
$200 /3 Dz  - (Incl. shipping to one address, USA)

“Gourmet Mini Macs”
$9 / Pack of 9  (“Gourmet Mini Macs”  - ”Those are dangerous. You can’t eat just one.”

Upon request: Handwritten note card with your order

Gourmet Comment:
“Tom loves your macaroons. He bought 6 once, I think he said he ate all 6! Yes big fan.”


Chocolate Espresso Macaroon with Premium Imported Dark Chocolate

$75 /Dz  - (Includes shipping, USA)
$200 /3 Dz  - (Incl. shipping to one address, USA)

Upon request: Handwritten note card with your order

Gourmet Comment:
“My dessert is WONDERFUL!!! Full of chocolate goodies. I’m totally savoring it, bit by bit.”
“Intense decadence. Ono.”

Gourmet Macaroons Photo: Bert VanGorder

Shipping within USA 50 states. Additional cost outside USA. No shipping to P.O. Boxes.

  • Macaroons ship in 2-3 days, USPS Flat Rate.
    We strive to ship same day if possible.
  • Overnight USPS is available at additional cost
  • Perishable
  • KEEP COOL: Our macaroons are sensitive to warm temperatures. Refrigerate.
  • We care deeply about the environment so our
    packaging is simple and recyclable.

HOT WEATHER:  To insure highest quality we include
an ice pack or insulate our box. It is the responsibility
of the receiver to greet package or keep contents cool.
We cannot guarantee that dark chocolate will not melt
in the heat.

TO ORDER, email:

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