Comment: Looking forward to Valentine’s Day chocolate cakes!!!!! (Luxe Triple Chocolate Confections)

Comment: Burritos are amazing! As Always!! (BBBRC and BBQ Chipotle Chicken)

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Comment: We have a customer that said your macaroons are the best she has ever had. She loves macaroons!

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Customer Comment: So good. (Special order: BBBRC w salsa w/ GF wraps)

Customer Comment: I love the new burritos with the salsa. Yum!

Customer Comment: Your macaroons are better than the ones at Disneyland

Customer Comment: Burritos were eaten today shortly after photo shoot, yum-yum. The Sundried will be eaten tomorrow. Many Macs and energy bars will be shared…

Customer Comment: The burrito is AMAZING! (BBBRC Burrito w mango salsa)

Customer Comment: Your macaroons are awesome! I like the Al Naturale’ ones. I’m a macaroon expert.

Customer Comment: Those are dangerously good! You don’t realize how much you are eating. (Mini Macs)