Your baked goods kill it! (JoLa Cafe – Gourmet Macaroons GF, Blueberry Perfection GF/V)

I appreciate that you stop in and check on product quantities. I think that is how we have gotten sales so high (Ross Island Grocery & Cafe – Luxe, Gourmet Macaroons GF, Chocolate Espresso Macaroons GF)

We had 4 or 5 people ask for your LUXE triples yesterday and today (Ross Island Grocery & Cafe)

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Your macaroons have the 3 elements: the chocolate and, of course, the coconut and then there is the center. Wow, the center is so good. (Customer comment: Gourmet macaroons, GF)

People are buying 2 and 3 at a time. We love them! (Ross Island Grocery & Cafe – Luxe Triple Chocolate Confections)

They arrived!!!!! Eating them as we speak. Sooo good. They are so good!!! Everyone was jealous but I shared. (Walser Porsche, Wichita, KS – Luxe Triple Chocolate Confections)

The schools LOVED your macaroons (Alexandria, VA – Gourmet Macaroons)

The Luxe Triples flew out the door. Customers love them! (Ross Island Grocery & Cafe)

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Delicious! Well now I’ve had my chocolate fix for the week. Actually I left a bit for tomorrow night so I could enjoy it again. (Honolulu, HI – Luxe Triple Chocolate Confection)

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