One of our customers did a YELP and said Catherine’s Gourmet Macaroons are the best in the world! (JoLa Cafe)

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When is next burrito run? 30 please (Burrito loving client)

Your burritos are amazing! The salsa ones are SO good. We have one every day (Customer comment)

Perfect timing. A lady comes in every 2 weeks for your macaroons. Her friend is addicted to them (Ross Island Grocery & Cafe).

We have a couple that buy 4-5 of your macaroons at a time. They are obsessed with your macaroons (Ross Island Grocery & Cafe)

Catherine’s delivers – Visit JoLa Cafe, Ross Island Grocery & Cafe, Lifestream Natural Foods and/or order direct from Catherine’s. Catherine’s delivers in Portland metro area.

Comment: “I’m saving the heart shaped goodie for Valentine’s Day. The other one was very very good. The chocolate on it was super good. Extremely special.”

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Luxe Triple Chocolate Hearts 3.25 x 3 x 1.25 “That heart shaped chocolate dream is amazing! Made my Valentines night!!”

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Comment: They said they were terrific (BBQ Chipotle Chicken Burritos)

Comment: These are super good! (BBBRC burritos with salsa)